Mark Hamilton describes how Ayn Rand planted the roots between the Libertarian political party.

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  1. Even though Ayn Rand still had her mysticism(s) she offered huge value and knowledge of reality to our society.

    Actually, many of us are still working through our own mysticism(s).

  2. Ayn Rand I saw a movie about her life about 4 years ago before I joined
    the Society. I didn’t understand her views but I am more acquainted with
    her knowledge since I have studied Neothink. She believed her views
    whole heartily and I’ve learned to respect her knowledge. Thank You
    NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK for teaching me her knowledge.

  3. That one valid purpose of government is to protect the people…………. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the video of the 3000 year old secret…..

  4. Ayn Rand turned the horrors of fascism/totalitarianism into an immense value — OBJECTIVISIM.

  5. Ayn Rand’s novel “The Fountainhead” is Superb

    The speech by Howard Roarke, the main character, is dynamic. Individualism…

  6. I read Ayn Rand’s Anthem when I was 18 years of age. She saved my mental health and enhanced my sense of self and belief in my capabilities when it appeared that there was no one to show me the way. My mother died when I was 15 years of age after a long illness. She was a brilliant attorney, a feminist and truth and freedom seeker….when the role of women did not allow such thoughts and behaviors. But, Ayn Rand took the place of my mother, and reinforced my own mother’s values who demanded honesty, bravery, rejection of cowardice, lying, pitying one’s self, and that government needed to stop tyrannizing human beings and controlling them so a select few could stay in power.

    I’ve since learned that it is “religion” be it Islam, Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, or Socialism/Fascism/Communism, or any other philosophies that promotes “utopia” on earth…if only you give up your individual rights, and become a willing slave to either the church, a king, a religion, or the “state” who all declare that they are “dominating” you for “your own good”….and that you are too stupid or indifferent to figure life out by yourself. Yes, some people are stupid…but that is just part of nature and learning….whereby, by always “bailing” out the stupid, the stupid never learn to take care of themselves and as a result live as bipedal parasites on the success and hard work of other people. It is these professional “parasites” who are the foot solders and enforcers of the government’s slavery schemes that demands its tribute in taxes and oppressive regulations .

    Its now time for the US government to go back to state’s rights, meant to protect “individual” rights….and freedom on many levels. Only at a state and a local level can individual’s truly participate in government and guarantee their rights to freedom.

    Rand and Hamilton are correct that the “ONLY” role of government is to keep us from harm and slavery. Because of Ayn Rand, while my peers were being seduced into socialism, or religious delusions….I demanded proof of everything they promised….in which all of these delusionists…came up short. None of them could prove that what they were promoting, either total belief in god, or the government could be proven as beneficial to individual rights and civilization. In fact, there is enough known history to show clearly that any kind of domination by government or religion….always oppresses. And as a result of government and religious oppression…there is poverty in material goods, poverty in morals, and poverty in intellectual property and all that is associated with “thinking” and progress.

    The Internet and our ability to communicate and learn among ourselves is changing how we perceive government and religion by thinking people all over the world… be it a closet Atheist living in Saudi Arabia, or a 7th grader who is rejecting his school system’s demands he be taught and treated like a programmable “robot.” This kid of slavery is coming to an end.

    So…Power to the People….not the collective mob, but Power to the Individual. And, its about time. Because religion and governments have “ruled” human beings and oppressed knowledge that would have made us free 3000 years ago….where history has shown us that those in power blocked true progress and technology over and over again, fearing the “rise” of the individual. If individuals had been given …or at least been able to fight as armies of resistance, we could have not only terraformed Mars by now and gone farther into outer space, but would have been able to cure all diseases, and have the capability of living forever. There would be no “poor people” anywhere…such is the power of the individual mind at all levels, when set free, to enhance its own intellectual perfection. Thank you Ayn Rand and Mark Hamilton…and especially the Founders of the United States….who wrote god and religion “OUT” of American law….whereby not only did the United States become quickly successful and “rich”…but the free-est country in the history of existence of Human Kind. Rise Up! Demand government and religion, and political correctness, be removed from all actions and communications…and Demand Freedom Now! Judy Weismonger PhD

    1. Mark, I sent you a letter and it was returned to me. How can I get this letter to you. It is important and rather personal. Yes, you have my address and I have read your books, which are great. I have also now written a book, after 75 years. It goes pretty deep into the causes of our world’s troubles. I titled it “The Unknown Story” and it will be available within the week as an e-book on the web. Yes, I have read Ayn Rand for many many years including “Inquire Within”. She was very good. Gary Tisor

  7. Yes, this is the myth that is religion has become. I believe religion was meant to be a guiding metaphor to help each person find out what makes them tick. Their own inner workings. When religion was change from a personal level to a authority control factor.
    the personal growth stopped when the metaphor was rewritten to historical fact. But If this was a correct theory than the authority of god would not allow man to be changed by the church, Because each man was created the way god thought he should be made. And since God makes no mistakes Man Is correct as he is. The whole concept is flawed. Unless you at the control factor, And the authority that is imposed at the cost of personal enlightenment. This is only the fault of man and can be corrected.

  8. Ayn Rands, Objectivism: has a certain Command, and Domination, of Concepts, and also of thought! Just as Neothink does! The Integrations, may be manipulated, to create
    value, or to destroy value.

    1. Hi Gregory, in addition, now I can beleve in the move 2012, about the end of the World ( i.e. the end of politicians, burocrat and cheaters).
      Let go, Neothink is on the bean!

  9. Here is the TRILOGY plus one: Neo-Think, Neo-Tech, T.V.P.,also, Ayn Rand and her OBJETIVISM. Whom is almost the only “ISM” that I believe, the other one is CAPITALISM the great way to make businesses. Of course, Honest Businesses.

  10. The secret Ayan Ran/Libertarians missed is Mark Hamilton’s 3000 Year-Old-Secret which is-THE PRIME LAW. The Prime Law is the secret recipe for VICTORY! “The Prime Law will rule nations”.

  11. Ayn Rand, is a very impressing and determined woman. She is an strong truly believer in what she thinks. I admire her because for our society, she is a good example.

  12. Awareness is Honesty ignorance is bad diplomacy, i recommend all pragmatists to read her books-which they never thought of reading before-because now the world is stuck , there is too much regulation-and this regulations is mostly strong on medicinal cures and technological innovations that could one day save millions of peoples lives.
    IT seems like the Prime Law is the only solution here- and the Math is simple -(Prime Law-BILLIONS OF PROBLEMS =One solution).

    1. The World is STUCK “for the sweet Politician all around the World”.
      Whom only pretend to acquire POWER and RE-ELECTION. Creating
      bills, passing laws, spending money, get media attention, seek for name recognition and vote.
      Furthermore, when win the election WOW! Alhzaimar attack and all promises are gone.

  13. I think Ayn Rand’s writings drew many types of people because she placed an emphasis on the personal within humanity. She boiled a lot of her scope down to the personal level of ‘this person, seeking freedom,’ which many people, regardless of religious or spiritual orientation, could relate to easily. Her writings also appeal greatly to the idealism of youth, which is why she gets ‘rediscovered’ by every generation. Ayn Rand’s ideas have a broad appeal, even though her writing style can be seen sometimes as weighty and heavy, and requiring a certain determination in order to wade through. She also, in my opinion, hid her atheism well. I didn’t realize from reading “Atlas Shrugged,” for instance, that she was an atheist. But in a way, it doesn’t really surprise me, since her work to me has such a humanistic focus.

  14. I would say that the Libertarians do not appear to have survived very well through the years. The Libertarians have not come close to winning an election, perhaps because they persist in arguing a political Agenda…. I know that Ayn Rand’s novels still do stir the freedom-feelings of many peoples who also see injustice of the controllers over the creations of brilliant businessmen/women just giving out of their personal industry of spirit. This in spite of Ms.Rand’s atheism, which I did not know of when I read her novels! This does not detract from her works, to me.

    Reality does not boil down to what our senses can pick up and be interpreted by the brain. Reality is what is projected from our deepest unseen Consciousness of LIFE here within to outside ourselves to then be “seen” and/or interpreted. Reality is what we make it/create…

    There is no comparison between the Libertarians and the Twelve Visions Party=the specific viewpoints create different realities. Think about it!
    Love, Lila

  15. We are the new illuminaty taking wide- scope integrated honesty without mysticism into the realm were Ayn Rand fell short, just as the libratarions fell short, THE PRIME-LAW is the only thing that will work

  16. Wow! 3000 years into the falsehood is to much.
    The knowledge is “REAL” and “HONEST”, Neothink is Knowledge.

  17. I did not consider this before I viewed this in My apprenticeship program with Mark Hamilton. It is fascinating how many religious people gravitate toward Libertarian ideas that came from the atheist Ayn Rand. I have listened on audio her work “The Art Of Fiction”. It was here that I learned that art of suspense. Good stuff. I suggest You listen to that audio series “The Art of Fiction”.

  18. I have seen some things in my lifetime but never anything as”real”and”honest”as Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, his Neothink Movement and his Twelve Visions Party (TVP) Movment. Mark Hamilton’s TVP Movement brings”real” and
    “honest”changes to our government and nation!!!

    1. True Indeed..

      But there is only one objective reality, and our senses are the only thing required to prove its existence. It is something we all share, regardless of the many sides of reality that are created by ones mind (mysticism).

      If more people would realize this simple fact, and base their lives on it, society would be a more stable, rational, pride inducing congregration of human consciousness. Man would celebrate our true achievements in reality, we would finally all share the same thing, and be proud of the honest integrity shared by mankind.

      Instead, we celebrate non-existent, alternate realitys that were invented by human consciousness.. Invented to avoid the work and energy required to deal with objective reality. This is leading to our stagnation, self-destruction, and in my opinion, the de-evolution of human consciousness.

      We, as conscious beings who truly do share these primary axioms, must constantly make an effort to be objective and honest, or be subject to these other sides of reality (non-realities) that certain persons have created.

      1. Take the x-mas holiday for example:

        An alternate reality created so major corporations do not have to use the resources required to sell such a massive pile of junk.

        Without using the mental effort required to be objective, one could easily “buy-in” to such non-reality.

        Most people would not, under normal circumstances, fight their way through thousands of crabby people to buy a bunch of things they know nothing about, and have never purchased before.

        We indulge because its what everyone else is doing, and the creators of these many false realitys do the money dance!

        It seems dangerous to stray away from the herd when surrounded in predators, but this is a new age, and grouping will be taken advantage of with larger, more powerful weapons.

        Its time we be individuals and think for ourselves. Reality is there for all of mankind to discover, but without effort and honesty how will we ever find it?

        1. Join the Twelve Visions Party, Join-in the Twelve
          Visions World! Ride a wave to Prosperity!
          Be the self-leader! No more Virtual Realities.

          Objective Reality is based on the Primacy of Existence,
          and factual concepts.
          Perceptivity/Senses is your Subjective Awareness,
          This is why many are fooled into believing something
          is real.

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